Well, we lost.  13-7.  Yep it sounds as bad as it looked.  Three errors in the first two innings never helps.  We spotted them 7 or 8 free runs.  Just can’t do that in the state tourney.  We did put up a good fight.  We had 14 hits and seven runs should be enough to win a high school game.  Oh well, now it’s a long wait till next March and we do it all again. 

Proud to coach these guys this year, we'll be back at it next March

Proud to coach these guys this year, we'll be back at it next March

It was tough seeing these seniors go out with a loss like that.  Our catcher said before the game that he just didn’t want us to lose the game ourselves.  If we get beat, then we get beat.  We lost that game.  Their pitcher wasn’t great.  Hell we beat him up pretty good we just played awful “d” in the first three innings and that is the difference.

So now I got all this “free time.”  It’s quickly filling up though.  Have birth classes every Tuesday night, training in our new building, finishing up the nursery and trying to fit in some gym time and golf course work.  Today though, it is a well earned nap when I get home.  I’m not going to have a lot of time for these, so this will be a little treat.

Maybe I can squeeze in a “liquid lunch” some day.  Who’s with me???


2 Responses to “Bittersweet”

  1. Even though you lost, the team had a pretty good season. Congrats on making states.

  2. The come-back in the 5th showed promise when you started erasing the 12 run lead, but that first inning was gonna be tough to trump. Great season.

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