Things Could be Worse

As much as I have complained about our baseball fields(which is a lot, just not here)  at least it is better than this: 

Also, as much as people make fun of our nickname( The Little Noises which can be explained in the wikipedia entry.)  At least it isn’t any of these.  Time Magazine published a list of the top-ten worst college nicknames.  I actually like the Banana Slugs and the Dirtbags.  I think leaving off the St. Mary’s Gaels and the Cal-Irvine Anteaters is just shoddy reporting.

Finally, this is something that we will not do.  I don’t get ’em and if you do it, why do it at a Sears or Penny’s?  Here is the link: awkwardfamilyphotos but on the plus side just check out these ‘dos.  I actually know a couple of Bon Jovi fanatics that would take this photo.


5 Responses to “Things Could be Worse”

  1. Best thing about that video, the theme music from Hot Shots. I was just waiting for charlie sheen to drop out of the sky onto the middle of the field.

  2. I think we should purposefully try to make all of our photos awkward, just to serve as a conversation piece. Those were funny. Why do we need to go to sears when we have our own personal photog to follow our daughter around 🙂

    • go lthe complete other direction, that may be a possability. Imagine your family freaking out over those. That would be funny. Actually your Mom would die laughing the rest I don’t think will get it.

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