Reality Check

After a day spent at the ball fields on Monday (from 2-9pm, that is a long time, especially when the last 2 1/2 hours of it is a HS softball game, that went to extras, I know I know, jealous aren’t ya?)  I came home to an explosion.

Now, I was warned about this prior in the day, but never was really given the full extent.  You see Nikki came home from PA yesterday with gifts from Shower #1.  Holy Crap!!!!!!  Our entire living room looks like a storage facility for Babies ‘r’ Us. 

We got a crib over hereGetAttachment3, a stroller in that cornerGetAttachment2,  a pack-n-play against that wall.  Everywhere I looked, baby stuff. GetAttachmentNow don’t get me wrong, I am forever grateful to my in-laws and PA family for the generosity.  I AM NOT looking a gift horse in the mouth, but I just someone would have given me a heads up that babies needed this much junk.

I’m thinking a bottle, a couple changes of clothes, maybe a toy or two and a place to sleep was it.  What happened to the good ol’ days?  You know, the 1700’s?  All our direct relatives seemed to have figured it out, why can’t we? 

ahhhh simple times

ahhhh simple times

Are they smarter than us?  More rugged?  Maybe that is what we need to do, find our way back then to  when men were men and baby care was simplistic.

Then again, we do have two more showers, so just ignore all that.  I’ll just say thanks and figure it all out at a later date.


4 Responses to “Reality Check”

  1. Well there was even a ton of things we purposefully didn’t put on the registry-things that we deemed not necessity or things we don’t have space for like wipe warmers and activity gyms!

  2. although they didn’t have hdtv or dvr in the 1700’s, two conveniences i definitely don’t want to give up now that we have them!

  3. Hey I think this blog is really interesting 🙂

  4. waa,waaaaa, wwwaaaaaaa. the sound of silence will soon be on vacation.

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