Just Feeling Good

Ever have those days where you just wake up feeling good?  One of those days when you can look at your little corner of the world and just smile at what is happening?  This happens to be one of those days.  Why?  Don’t know.  Why do some weeks just pile things up on ya(like mine last week)?  

It’s nice when you look around at your life and see good things happening.  Whether it be a brand-new relationship, or a major life change that has been a long time coming, or getting ready to start life post-high school.  It can be someone closing on their first house or celebrating milestone birthday.

Maybe its seeing friends planning their wedding or celebrating a first birthday.  It could be seeing kids succeed on a higher level then they ever could have thought of in March, knowing you had something to do with that. 

Of course it may be the excitement of a new and challenging workplace with unlimited possibilities. 

I think for me though, more than anything is that in two months my life will be flipped on its head and spun in so many directions, yet I can’t wait for it to begin.  That to go along with the fact I get to experience it with the only person I could imagine going through it with.  Yeah, that’s it.

“The good life.  Lets go on a living spree, they say the best thing in life are free”



6 Responses to “Just Feeling Good”

  1. What a very nice blog today! I’ve got the warm fuzzies. Life is good.

  2. Nice. Very nice.

  3. joenesgarden Says:

    Warm fuzzies are great, unless you unexpectedly find them at the foot of a hotel room bed … but that’s another story. It also feels good to share your kids’ life directions … thanks for the ride.

  4. First day on new meds?

  5. Now Ralph…..that was funny!!! I like the sentimental Jay….whether it be due to meds or not.

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