First watch this, then read on.

Seriously?  Here is a grown man who misses the plate by at least eight feet.  EIGHT FREAKING FEET!!!!??!?!?!  C’mon I can get a hundred random people that can get closer than this guy.  If I was Stern, I’d can him.  How can you put your entire show in a man’s hands that can’t throw?  Did he practice?  Was that honestly the best he can do?  Did he even play sports growing up?  I’ve cut kids before, and they would dominate this man.

There really should be a screening process for first pitch tossers.  Some sort of tryout to make sure they can cut it.  Not only is it an embarrassment for Gary and the Stern show, but also the Mets. 

Even when they win seven in a row, they still manage to do something that causes people to shake their heads.

From here on out, I volunteer myself to fill-in as a pinch tosser for anyone that feels they can’t perform on the big stage.  Could be a new career for me.


3 Responses to “Embarrassing”

  1. Not only has he been practicing for the past 3 weeks, he spent all last week trying to figure out a way out of it because he was afraid he would screw it up. They spent an hour and a half making fun of him on the show this morning. the jokes were endless. Great, great, radio. Artie was priceless. Its times like that why i pay $12 a month to listen to that show.

  2. Bad publicity is still publicity. As it was 25 years ago..Those who liked Stern listened to hear what he would say next, those who hated Stern listened to hear what would say next.

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