Just Manny Being A-Rod

Well, it has been almost 24 hours since I first heard the news.  I coulda wrote about this yesterday, but I felt I was to emotionally involved.  I figured, like most stuff I do, I’d give it 24 hours to sink in. 

Was I surprised?  Yea, I really was.  I was also surprised about A-Rod too.   Does this tarnish Manny?  You betcha.  Does it tarnish the Red Sox and their titles?  HEEELLLLLLL NO!!!!! 

According to Scott Boras  Manny Ramirez’s statement he got a new pill from a doctor.  I really want to believe that.  I really do, but I’m skeptical.  Manny has never been one to care about his image(unlike A-Rod.)  He feels that he’ll do what he wants when he wants and no one but no one will tell him differently.

Remember this is a player who quit on the Sox.  Disappeared into the Monster during a pitching change.  Cut off a ball from the center fielder.  Got into a tussle with a traveling secretary.  Didn’t play in a game because he was sick than that same night was seen in a hotel restaurant with an opposing player.  Common sense has never been a strong suit for the man.

He actually may of thought he could get away with it.  One thing I am pretty sure of is he didn’t juice with the Sox.  He never had the huge spike, or the sharp decline, or the strange injuries.  He could have started with LA.  Jeez just luck at his numbers.  Then again, maybe I have blinders on.

I still don’t fully know how I feel about this.  I am not naive enough to think that every player is clean.  Just the opposite actually.  Dirty till proven clean.

As a side not, this problem is not just a baseball problem.  This hits all sports.  Baseball just takes a hit because it has always hailed itself as a pure sport and the one sport that people have a “romantic” attachment to.  You can’t tell me that NFL players aren’t cycling.  You think Lebron and Dwight Howard got like that naturally?   Hockey players go night in and night out playing at a top level without some help?  Please!!!

  Not all ‘roiders have that typical body.  They now help players get faster and stronger “lean muscles.”  Help them recover faster from a workout or to help get through back-to-back tilts.  This is not a baseball problem this is a sports problem.  Frankly it is an US problem.

As fans, we demand greatness.  We demand a player earn his salary.  If he doesn’t perform up to our standards, he’s a bum.  He’s no good.  He needs to go.  You tellin’  me they don’t hear this?   They juice to make themselves better players, which of course, leads to fans loving them.  We are such hypocrites.  We demand perfection from imperfect humans.  We demand them to do more than any other athlete has ever done and when they need help to get there, we chastise them.

Put yourselves in their spots.  Imagine at your job that you perform at a high level for a few years.  That standard is what your bosses and co-workers want and need from you always.  Now you are getting a bit older and can’t do some of the stuff a younger you could do.  There, waiting in the wings is some hotshot newbie ready to take your job.  You need to get back your touch.  You telling me that the thought wouldn’t cross your mind to get some “outside help!”  This is the kind of thing these players go through on a yearly basis.  Is it right?  I don’t know, but it’s reality. 

Does this latest drug scandal take anything away from sports?  For me, it doesn’t.  I still love the drama and the competitiveness.   This may make me more of the problem then the solution.  Ask yourself what is better.  Athletes in the 70’s and 80’s when the drug of choice was cocaine(def. not a PED) or now when the drugs enhance the performance. 

I’ll continue to watch and root.  I still love Manny for what he did.  Even if more players are suspended or accused, my mind won’t change.  I just promise never to get surprized again.


4 Responses to “Just Manny Being A-Rod”

  1. joenesgarden Says:

    Well said.

  2. I don’t know Jay…I honestly think Manny may have taken this med without knowing it was banned. Let’s be honest….Manny didn’t exactly go to Harvard so not sure he could connect the dots here. Why would he do it now? Given all the scrutiny I just cannot see him doing this intentionally. One day we may know….but for now he has 50 days to figure out what or what not to say.

  3. […] Baseball Crank created an interesting post today on Just Manny Being A-RodHere’s a short outline…traveling secretary.  Didn’t play … I still don’t fully know how I feel … or to help get through back-to-back tilts.  This is not a […]

  4. according to the movie version of General Patton (George C. Scott) “Americans Love a winner and will not tolerate a loser”. We get what we ask for. Competition
    is strong, pay checks are ridiculously inflated. People rob banks for less $$ than what these players can get just by winning the home-run derby.

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