How Much More Can We Take?

Saw this article in this morning NY Post:  Famed Eatery Charges for Ice.

This is getting out of control.  Charging $.50 for a cube of ice?  Do businesses really have to stoop that low to make a buck.  This from a place that charges over $100 for a porterhouse.  This is absolutely shameful!!! 

What’s next, a napkin fee?  How about a different price for standing or sitting.  Wait I know, the knife is free, but you have to pay for the fork(don’t even ask about the spoon)!  You want cream and sugar in your coffee, open up that wallet mister! 

BTW, clicking on this and reading is free, once you close this out, a fee will be charged to you credit card.  Have a great day!!


5 Responses to “How Much More Can We Take?”

  1. i guess it’s good you drink your martinis “UP” but your margeritas on the rocks will have to go…

  2. Excellent post.

  3. You are a fool. You are not being charged for the ice. More liquor goes into a drink when ordered on the rocks, so you the charge is higher.

  4. Hey J: the article stated that they charged more for the ice. Also, an extra 1/2 oz. of liquor is not $2.50. Thanks for reading though

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