Something Needs to be Done.

Any of you watch the Yankees games over the weekend?  If you did you all probably saw what I saw.  A lot of empty seats in prime real estate.  Even before the Indians completed their romp, seats were empty.  This is an utter embarrassment for the proudest and richest franchise in American sports.  Here is a link to a website that confirms what my eyes told me. 

One of our AM photogs was at the game on Sunday, and he has pix that show the same thing.

2854_1134119117005_1348126696_337958_1884715_n2The way it looks on TV, with all those empty seats, is ugly.  Almost like watching a Marlins game.  The rest of the stadium is full, but these seats are in the cameras sight lines.  The tough thing is, you can’t discount them.  You can’t give them away either. 

 So, what is the solution?  Maybe you let other ticket holders move down to fill the empty slots, then that would provide an opportunity to sell the seats that the winners vacated.  Maybe you hire fillers like they do at the Oscars to “act” as fans.  How about mannequins?  I don’t know, but this will be a huge issue over the course of the season.  Maybe not as big as Wang and his 34 ERA and the crazy wind tunnel out to right, but a big deal.

So nice being a Sox fan.  476 in a row and counting!!


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