Patriots Day

What a day up in Beantown.  First the marathon, then the Sox vs. O’s at 11am.  Wrapping up the day with the B’s up in Montreal at 7 and the C’s looking to rebound in Game 2 against the Bulls.   The only thing that would make this day complete is the Patsies to pull off some big trade to get all the locals involved.

Hope you all enjoyed the gorgous weekend.  Took full advantage of the weather.  Helps to have a great win on Saturday to get everything kicked off well.  Of course my skin ain’t all that used to the sun yet, so got a little burned, not bad though.  Looks like next weekend will be a winner as well. 

Felt the baby kick for the first time on Saturday night.  That was a cool experience.  It felt like a heart beating, but it was her.  Things are progressing well and we paint her room this weekend(and by we, I mean Nikki.  I’m not the greatest painter in the world.)  Don’t worry though, I’ll help.  Someone has to tape off everything, plus I told her I will keep her updated on the NFL Draft as she is stroking away.  It is the least I can do.  I’m a good husband. 

Enjoy the 11am first pitch.


8 Responses to “Patriots Day”

  1. Updates on the draft will be crucial to my being able to continue painting as i won’t be able to get anywork done without knowing the status of each team…Thank you, I’m a very lucky woman.

    • Damn right you are. How many husbands do you know would sacrifice their own time to give real time draft updates to their seven-month prego wife as she paints?? Can’t name any can you?? That’s why I’m special

  2. I hate to be a pig (well, not always), but could we change that line to Nikki “brushing away?”
    And you both know you’re crazy, right? (That’s a good thing.”)

    • That’s the term I was looking for. I was stuck on that for like five minutes. Yes, brushing is much more PC. As for the crazy, it helps keep things fresh

  3. I guess it was worth saying twice. Feel free to delete.

  4. According to a face book quiz, i’m only “moderately crazy”, but as you can see, my life is highly entertaining 🙂

  5. Nikki, you married someone in television. You’re crazy. Live with it. Love it.

  6. Jay's Mom Says:

    As one who has seen and lived with Hendu’s paint jobs, everyone and especially Nikki and the baby are better off with Hendu far, far away from the combination of paint, brushes, and walls. His “talent” is legendary! As for the craziness … they both come by it naturally.

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