I applaud the New London School District this morning.  They did the right thing:  Firing Jack Cochran.  Here is the article on our website.  The man has gotten enough chances and has burned through them all.  He blew a golden ticket at New Britain with allegations of different fund raising and recruiting infractions.  The same can be said of his time in New London.  Yes he has won many games and state titles he has even sent kids off to college who may not have gone otherwise.  You know what, there are many coaches that do the same thing without all the headaches and underhandedness.  He is not well liked in the coaching ranks or the administration ranks.  I hope no one hires this man for a while as football coach.  He may bring wins, but how pricey will those wins be?   How many “relatives” would be found in said town so a stud sophomore can transfer to his school district and play?  If you don’t believe that has happened, think again. 

The man is the definition of un-sportmanlike conduct.  Hell, a rule was put in place because of his actions.  I am all for beating a team, but every good coach knows when to pull back on the reins.  He just wants to embarrass you so he can feel better. 

So good riddance “Coach”  and here’s hoping that the coaches who do it right can get a little spotlight now.


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