Play Ball!!!!!

April 6.  Opening Day.  One of my favorite days of the year.  A day when all thirty teams have the same hopes and goals.  The only day when every MLB team is an equal(ok, the Phils and Braves already played, just work with me.)  The stadiums are all done up with red, white and blue bunting.  Now matter what the weather, it is always a beautiful day.  A true American holiday.  As much as football has overtaken baseball as America’s favorite sport, you can’t compare the two on a day like this.  For all the things that baseball does wrong, it’s Opening Day is not one of them.  No other sport does a better job recognizing it’s past and present better than baseball and it is in it’s full glory on a day like this.  So that being said, here are links to previews of all three local teams written by yours truly:  2009 Mets      2009 Yankees   2009 Red Sox.

Now onto my picks for the upcoming season.  Of course this may come as a surprise but don’t go betting your life fortune on these.  They are simply for entertainment purposes. 

NL East winner:  Philadelphia Phillies             AL East winner: Boston Red Sox

NL Central winner: Chicago Cubs                      AL Central winner: Minnesota Twins

NL West winner: LA Dodgers                              AL West: Anaheim Angels

NL Wild Card winner: NY Mets                          AL Wild Card: NY Yankees

NL MVP: Hanley Ramirez                                    AL MVP: Justin Morneau

NL Cy Young: Johan Santana                             AL Cy Young: Jon Lester

NL Rookie: Pablo Sandoval(SF Giants)           AL Rookie: David Price

Enjoy the festivities and the season.



7 Responses to “Play Ball!!!!!”

  1. afrankangle Says:

    … and good morning to you from Cincinnati where Opening Day is king. The team may be questionable, the today is always an important event … even in the snow.

    • Glad to have a reader in Cinnci. Don’t be too hard on the team, a lot of talent. If Homer Bailey can come around you guys should be at least wild card contenders. Now go out and whoop up on the Mets

  2. afrankangle Says:

    I recognize the youth … and more is on the way. If a good RH bat is found, 2010 could be very good.

    Thanks for your hope!

    • Hey MLB needs the Reds to be good. It is one of those classic baseball cities along with KC and Balt.

  3. […] Love it.  Simple as that.  Love playoff baseball.  Last nights’ game was a great kick-off.  That may have been the greatest game of the season.  So much drama. If the rest of October plays out just like that we will be lucky and blessed.  BTW, not to toot my own horn(but I will )  back in April I predicted 6 out of 8 playoff teams(just don’t look at the award winners.) […]

  4. […] of another glorious baseball season, it is time once again for my annual baseball predictions (2009 2008).  Just like every other year, this is for entertainment purposes only.  If you were to win […]

  5. […] way off but no matter what I still have fun doing it.  Here are previous years picks: 2011 2010 and 2009 .  Like I said some good and OK, mostly bad.  Still though, I push on.  Here are my fearless […]

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