Flip Sides

During my initial month as a member of Facebook nation, I have experienced the positives and negatives of social networking. 

I do love the b-day reminders.  I can’t wait till mine.  I don’t feel bad sending off a little birthday how-do-you-do to a friend, and won’t feel strange  getting random greetings from long lost companions. 

The one thing I have found odd is getting personal news this way, and I am as guilty as anyone.  Nikki and I used facebook to announce the sex and name of our baby.  Friends have announced new homes, new degrees or other huge life moments that we all can revel in their good news.

Yesterday, I experienced the lows.  In a matter of a few hours, facebook informed me of the passing of the father/father-in-law of our closest friends as well as hard economic news from the workplace.  

This seems to be the direction we are heading.  Embracing the good and bad of facebooking.  It is something I will need to get used to.


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