Baseball Memories

With the 2009 baseball season just around the corner, what is your favorite memory from a baseball game you attended.  Could be any game.  Pro, college, high school, or little league. 

Mine was tough.  There is my first game at Fenway, the first game Nikki and I went to Fenway, the Sox game at Philly when I almost got kicked out, the game in Texas when I almost got kicked out, or the game that Papi hit his 50th homerun off of Johan Santana.

Those are all great, but my number one was the first round state game in 2004.  We were playing a North Branford team that many had picked to win the Class S tournament that year.  They were loaded with all-conference players and a couple of all-state players.  We squeaked in that year with just 8 wins. 

They had beat us twice already that year, and in the last game we played them, one of their players threw at and hurt our starting shortstop.   We went to their field with revenge on our minds.   We ended up tied after seven innings 4-4.  In the top of the eighth, our offense exploded.  We crossed the plate 7 times and the entire North Branford team, it’s coaches, and fans were in utter shock.  We got a quick 1-2-3 bottom of the frame to secure the cornerstone win in the rebuilding of our program.

We continued our great run of play into the state semi’s before bowing out to the eventual state champ.  It was a memorable run started with a memorable win.  I’ll never forget the looks on our kids faces when they realized they had just won.  Those are the moments you live for when you coach and that game will always have a place in my heart.


One Response to “Baseball Memories”

  1. Jay's Mom Says:

    Your team’s win over North Branford is also one of my favorites, as I was able to watch not only a great underdog win, but also observed my son’s fantastic coaching … YES I am biased.

    I also loved the Red Sox game we attended in Texas … not the part when you almost got thrown out, but the swell of Red Sox chants that spread throughout Ranger stadium along with word that a fellow Red Sox fan was nearly tossed from the park because he was cheering … albiet rather loudly … for his team. Naturally, this only caused Red Sox fans to cheer more often, and at higher decible levels than normal.

    To their credit, most season-ticket-holding Ranger fans we encountered understood the Sox fans’ outrage and seemed to relish in the fervor Sox fans show in support of their team.

    Oh yeah, the Sox trounced the Rangers … great game.

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