Let's Go Blue!!!

As some of you may know already, I am a huge University of Michigan fan.  I am an avid follower of the football team.  The college itself is fantastic.  The campus is gorgeous.  I have even been known to root for the softball team when they won the Nat’l title.  That’s how much I love the school.

Why do I bring all this up now at the end of March?  Well, because the Michigan hockey team has a regional final game tonight, against Air Force, in Bridgeport 🙂 .

I’ve been to one Michigan game a few years back and what an environment. 

Now they come play in CT.  Today the game is at 3:30 and I can’t go becuase of baseball.  Tomorrow night is the championship game which they should be in.  I am still on the fence about going(it’s $48 a ticket, really pricey for a college hockey game and I just found out it is sold out, CRAP!!)  Oh well, not all options are shot yet.

Back to the game though.  College hockey is soooo passionate.  The students and the followers are crazy dedicated.  I was amazed of the crowds for the games(hence the sell-out in Bridgeport.)  The things that make the game so much fun live, besides the great hockey, are the chants.  Here are a few that have become legendary: 

 this is when a player gets callled for a penalty

and this when Michigan scores a goal:

This chant for when an opposing team scores:

Finally last piece of video, perhaps the greatest hockey goal of all time:

So. if you are going tonight and tomorrow, congrats, you are in for a treat.  as always:


2 Responses to “Let's Go Blue!!!”

  1. Wow…all that time putting together that blog for nothing! They go out and get sent home just like that. Rodriguez must have been the honorary coach for the game. Sorry Jay…but there is always next year (or the next). 🙂

    • 13 freakin shots and they lost??? JEsus,I could stop 13 shots!!! Oh well, that saves me some cash at least.

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