Thank You!!!

Curt Schilling has retired, and on behalf of every Red Sox fan, thanks for everything.

Who would have thought that the lives of an entire fan base would change for the better over Thanksgiving weekend in 2003.  Coming off one of the classic Sox choke jobs in their history(still can’t stand Grady Little) the nation desperately needed something.  That weekend, Theo and his brain trust flew out to have dinner with the future savior of a franchise. 

He wowed the Schillings with pie charts, powerpoints, bell curves and whatever else Theo thought could persuade the best big game pitcher of his time to put on some Red Sox.

Curt came into this town guns-a-blazin.  Right from the get-go he promised one thing: A Championship.  Not contending for one, not making the playoffs, not even a winning team.  He promised a World Series ring and anything less would be a disappointment. 

His first summer in beantown was magical.  Going 21-6 as the best #2 starter inthe game.  Pedro, by respect alone was the #1 and Schill let that be.  He got how much Pedro meant to the team nad the fans and tried not to step on any toes.  He mastered the Yanks in his starts and had our hopes soaring again going into October.

We all now what happened.  Dominate against the Angels.  Watching him tweak his ankle and thinking, uh oh.  Then the game 1 start against the Yanks.  After he said the best thing would be to make 50,000 New Yorkers shut up.  We knew something was wrong.  Our dreams were slowly breaking apart.  They were hanging by an ankle tendon.

Then Game Six.  We all knew where we were.  It is one of those moments that Red Sox fans will always remember.  It is up there with the Miracle on Ice and the moon landing.  The whole day was a blur.  After a long game 4, then the marathon game 5.  Our collective prayers were that Big Schill’s ankle would last.  Just one more game.  Get us to Game 7.  We all saw the blood oozing from his Frankenstein-ish ankle.  Every pitch, every run to cover first was a hold-your-breath/cover-your-eyes moment.  There he was though, inning after inning, just dominating the Yanks.  It was a truly heroic performance.  Something that gives me chills to this very day. 

The bloody sock game will forever go down, not only in Red Sox lore, but all of sports.  We all know the details.  We all wanted Dr. Morgan to do our surgery if we needed one.  Same thing in the World Series.  Same bloody sock.  Same gutsy performance.  Same result.

The man made a promise and he delivered.  The man never made an excuse and never backed down.  He demanded the ball in big spots and came through time and again.

It’s fitting that his last major league start was game 2 of the ’07 series.  Again, he delivered a win

So long, Curt!

So long, Curt!

and his lasting image will be him walking off the mound, tipping his cap.

Not a bad legacy to leave.  Three World Series titles.  Ending 87 years of heartbreak.  Being perhaps the greatest postseason pitcher of all time.  Someone who worked for everything he had and got every bit out of his natural abilities.  The man wasn’t afraid to speak his mind in an age where too many athletes are worried about their public image.  The man spoke from the heart and how can one go wrong by doing that.  He was as opinionated as he was talented. 
So Curt, once again, Thanks for everything.  You delivered on a promise and for that you will forever be a Red Sox legend.  Lets hope one day that you will be recognized in Coopertown.  You’ve earned it.

2 Responses to “Thank You!!!”

  1. Jay's Mom Says:

    Couldn’t have said it better. All of Red Sox nation says a huge THANK YOU to Shill.

  2. Dude…..did you shed a tear while writing this? I’m all broken up!

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