For What It's Worth…

UConn has looked like the best team in the tourney so far.  Both Pitt and Louisville have looked shaky.

Impressed that Vermont stayed within 40 points.  Moral Victory?

Picking Utah St. may not have been a wise choice, but at least I didn’t have Wake in the Final Four.

Is it normal to be looking forward to baseball practice when it is 35 degrees outside?

Wondering when and if relatives will except the name for our daughter?

Pancakes on a Monday morning has to be a sign of a good upcoming week, right?

I wonder what it will take to get Connecticut to start watching our newscast again.

I am glad to see Dice-K in midseason form last night.  2 innings, 40 pitches and wiggling out of jams.

I am conteplating putting the shovels away.  Is it too early to tempt fate?

I am pumped that Michigan has a regional hockey game this weekend in Bridgeport.  Lets Go Blue!!!!!  Down Air Force!!!!!!!

I am disappointed in Sen. Dodd and just for the record he does not represent the kind of character that other East Haddam residents possess.

Is thrilled that the Shoreline Conference has two State title basketball champs.  The Girls from Old Lyme, and the Boys from Cromwell.  How does Hale-Ray in baseball sound.  Like an angel singing if you must ask.

Why would A-rod pay for a high-priced call girl when he can just kiss himself in the mirror?


2 Responses to “For What It's Worth…”

  1. Jay's Mom Says:

    Keep the shovel in place or you may jinx yourself out the ability to play baseball outside in 35 degree weather.

    Many relatives love the name of your daughter.

    Can’t explain politicians or why people watch other news stations.

    And A-rod is just not worth any thought.

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