An Eclectic Weekend

First off, the weather was great.  What a way to get that spring fever in full gear.  An interesting weekend for sure.  It started out on Friday when Nikki and I decided to put a kibosh on our house hunting.Both of us realised that what we want and what we can afford right now are miles apart.  So we’ll stay put for now.  That night was the first good night sleep I had since we started looking.  Which should have been another sign.

Saturday, we moved a couple of friends.  Here’s some advice for those of you who move house-to-house.  Buy a dumpster.  Trust me it’s worth every penny.  You will be amazed how much junk you accumulate over time.  The nice thing is, if you have any question about anything, into the dumpster it goes.  Yeah, that didn’t happen Saturday.  We moved more junk then furniture.  On the plus side though, we got it all done and with no major damage to house or furniture.  This led me to declare myself as ” The Greatest Mover of all Time”  and this isn’t opinion, it is hard line fact.

Sunday was a milestone day.  Nikki and I registered for baby gear.  Holy Crap is it expensive.  I wish someone had told me raising a child would be pricey.  I was worried about being so overwhelmed that she would find me in the corner of Babies ‘r’ Us curled up in the fetal position muttering to myself.  The whole experience turned out to be pretty cool.  It helped that Nikki researched a ton and was able to walk me through.  Plus I got to use a scan gun and any married guy that reads this knows what I am talking about.   So I gotta think that is going to be the most stressful part of child-raising and now its done.  Piece of cake from here on out 🙂 .


2 Responses to “An Eclectic Weekend”

  1. greatest mover of all time… of other people’s stuff!
    I didn’t want you to end up muttering in the corner which is precisely why i spent lots of time researching. Sure the hardest job is done…you could still end up with a teenage daughter …

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