Conspiracy Anyone?

Lets break down this timeline.   A-Rod is called out in a SI article.  A-Rod has a sit down “interview”

Hurt or secretly suspended?

Hurt or secretly suspended?

with Peter Gammons in which he admits the use of PED’s.  A-Rod reports to Spring Training looking to get back to baseball.  A-Rod has a “news conference”  so he can get everything out in the open.  A-Rod homers in first spring training game.  He then reports to the Dominican WBC team.  Last Sunday he meets with MLB officials.  All of a sudden he goes to see a hip specialist about a cyst.  During the surgery, they find a partially torn labrum and yesterday he decides to have surgery that will keep him out 6-9 weeks.  Wow.  Does anything in that sequence of events seem,  I don’t know, peculiar?

So he meets with MLB and then, all of a sudden, he needs to see a hip specialist.  In Colorado of all places(no hip specialists in NYC?).  He has a partially torn labrum that will keep him out up to a month and a half, or roughly 50 games.  For those of you who don’t know, that is the length of the 1st offense suspension for using PED’s.  Now, I’m no conspiracy theorist(wait, yes I am) but I believe that this is just waaaaaaaaay to coincidental. 

So this piqued my curiosity.  I went back to the 2007 season when Roger Clemens decided to hold out till mid-season before he chose a team to play for.  Well, it just so happens that the first game he pitched in:  #60.   I know it is ten games more then the suspension length, but I do remember that he took one more minor league start, so his original return date would have been right around the 50th game.

Is this scenario likely, sure.  Probable, I think so.  Of course I also believe that Oswald was not alone, Micheal Jordan didn’t just all of a sudden decide to play baseball for a year(suspended by the NBA for gambling), the Knicks got Patrick Ewing because the draft lottery was fixed, and Tupac is still alive.

These may be far-fetched, but is it out of the realm of possibility, absolutely not.  Let the debate begin.


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