Desperate Times…..

Nikki and I have decided, with the circumstances what they are, now is the perfect time to start the house buying process.  It’s like a perfect storm of opportunity.  A buyers market, we’re renting with a child on the way.   With a huge $8000 tax credit for first time buyers along with our little tax write-off newborn on next yearstaxes, it’s almost like free money.  Plus we don’t “need” to move.  Our place is great, landlords the best, but it seems like the iron is hot, so why not strike.

On Sunday, we went to a couple of open houses.  Both were nice.  The realtor was in charge of both and was in super-sell mode.  She was following us around the house, talking non-stop.  Getting our opinions on both houses and another we saw the week before.  We are just doing some prelim stuff.  Can’t close until end of June.  That didn’t deter her.  She called yesterday saying the seller would be open till waiting us out.  This was after she told us the price was very negotiable and told us she had clients that could rent our place.  Like I said desperate times.

I knew times were bad for the housing market, and this is such a small sample, but WOW, I never thought it was this bad!!!  What a difference a few years make.  When we were looking a few years ago, no seller wanted to budge form the asking price and when we sold in ’06, the market was solid and we made a nice profit.  A sellers market really. 

Times sure have changed.  We hope that we can take full advantage of this too.


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