New, Old and a Debut

Thanks to my brother and step-dad, I have discovered a new show.  It’s been added to our TIVO list, which frankly is as high of an honor as a TV show can get.  The great thing is it combines three of my favorite things:  cars, humor, and destruction.  It’s called Top Gear and it runs Mondays at 8pm on BBC America.   The episode that sold me was this one:

Well, that’s actually a clip from the show that was all about 18-wheeler trucks and things one should not do in them(including killing prostitutes 🙂 .)  I think it helps that it is hosted by three British dudes.  I think a Brit (with a hint of a cockney accent)could read an obituary and I would giggle.

Good to have Bill Maher back.  These are his first weeks on air since the election, and even though he is so anti-republican, at least his opinions are well informed.  You may not like his ideals or his views, but the man always has his facts straight.  HBO lets him be him.  He’s very opinionated, but he isn’t afraid to go against the Dems or the GOP.  During the election, I learned more from his show than any other on TV.   His only agenda was anti-Bush.  I was curious how Obama’s election would change him.  It really hasn’t.  He’ll be the first to bash the new Prez if it is deserved.  Interesting tidbit, Maher is debating crazy-lady Ann Coulter (here is the article)  Now that will be high-quality theater.

Finally, we here at NBC 30(don’t get used to that moniker) are doing something new.  Our morning team has opened up a facebook page.  Here is the link:  NBCConnecticut Facebook fan club.  You do have to be a facebook member to join(hence my reasoning for hoppin’ on the bandwagon.)  This will allow us to have live talk-back with viewers.  We can post video and pix of how we work in the morning.  Maybe get some insight into the on-air lives of Brad, Yvonne, Bob and the rest of us.  This is a really exciting thing but it can only work with our viewers involvment.


4 Responses to “New, Old and a Debut”

  1. Jay's Mom Says:

    Gee … regarding the Maher/Coulter debate, it doesn’t look like NewsBusters’ readers agree with you, however I find her much more inflammatory than he. Personally, I don’t think I could stand to listen to her long enough to be able to hear his responses.

    • I think the debate will be fantastic. She irritates the hell out of me, but I’ll listen to her, much like I do with Rush. Plus, I believe Coutler and Maher were in a relationship at one point, so that should add to the drama

  2. stephen Says:

    we here at nbc30? Why not get used to that? Are you changing names?

    • I think, when the digital transition finally happens in June, our number will be ou-of-date. The “30” corresponded with our analog signal. Since we are all going digital, that will change. I don’t know what it will be yet, but my guess is that we will be NBC Connecticut.

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