Play Ball!!!

First off, hope you all enjoyed your Fat Tuesday.  We made some red beans and rice(from scratch, it wasn’t bad) and had a few Pat O’Brien Hurricanes(we actually bought a case of the mix, we loved it that much) it almost felt like New Orleans, of course without the drunken fools, topless women and crazy get-ups.

Wish I Was There!

Wish I Was There!

Watcha doin tonight?  Any plans?  Got nothing going for ya huh?  Well, you stopped by the right blog.  I got just what you need.  A prescription to the winter blahs.  A cure for your cabin fever.  Now, it’s not coming from me, I am but the messenger.  You see, it all starts tonight.  That’s right, RED SOX GAMES ON NESN!!!!!!!!!   7pm tune in for the first game between the Twins and Sox.  Which team is going to get the upper hand for the most famous trophy in Grapefruit League history: The Mayors Cup of Ft. Myers.  It’s been a long, snowy winter and this is the first step to recovery, and not a moment too soon, if you ask me.

What a sweet sound!!!  I think the wrist is all right.


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