The Week Ahead…

Considering that this is the last week of this god-forsaken month.  Really, can’t we just eliminate this month from the calendar.  It’s only 28 freakin’ days!!  Can’t we just split it up between January

Amen Brother!!

Amen Brother!!

and March?  I don’t know anyone that likes this month, even the gemstone sucks.  An Amethyst.  It’s just a fancy quartz.  I say next year we skip it, extend January and March by two weeks each and move on.

Okay, back to topic.  In three weeks, I start my High School baseball season.  Once again it will be up to us to carry the torch for the boys team at our school.  None have made the state tourney and we will be the last hope for respectability.  I fully expect us to, but everyone likes the way their team looks in February.

Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday.  Wrote about it last year, a great day.  Can’t wait to have some homemade red beans and rice and a couple of hurricanes. 

Wednesday kicks off the baseball spring training schedule.  Sox play at 7pm on NESN.  Yanks play at 1pm the next day on YES, as well as the Mets same time and date on SNY.  That should help relieve some of these late-winter doldrums.

Friday is a big day.  I will get into that later on in the week.  It’s big,  only if you care of course.


2 Responses to “The Week Ahead…”

  1. here here to forgetting February … and to hearing the sweet sound of Sox baseball on Wednesday

  2. I hate march even more- there are no days off and the month drags on forever! i would not like it to be two weeks longer!!!! i can’t even have a hurricane this year 😦

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