Shea You Later!!!!

This is it, the last piece of Shea Stadium:

It's Outta Here!!!

It's Outta Here!!!

Now what I find odd is this, the construction crew had to take the stadium down piece by piece.  That’s because NYC does not allow implosions as a way of destroying something.  Of course that begs the question:  If the city doesn’t allow implosions, how the hell did the Mets get away with their past two Septembers?
Hey Yo!!!!! I’ll be here the rest of the week!!!!  Tip your waitress and try the veal!!!

3 Responses to “Shea You Later!!!!”

  1. You are thouroughly entertaining! I guess that no shower and no coffee this morning hasn’t affected your humor!

    • Yea, woke up this morning to discover that we had no power. No power means no water pump. No water pump means no clean Jason with no coffee. It wouldn’t have been that bad if I didn’t play basketball last night for two hours. I know that the morning crew is a different breed, but most of us still like to be clean at work.

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