National A-Roid Day

Today A-Fraud finally has his sit down with the New York media.  Oh Boy!!!  As much as Peter Gammons held back a bit, these guys just won’t give a damn.  Everything will be in play and I don’t know how well he’ll handle it.

A couple questions:  Will Alex be wearing make-up?  What about his purple lip balm?  Will he act like it’s October and disappear when the going get tough?  Will he sit there and think WWJD( what would Jeter do?)  

I hope no punches are pulled.  This player deserves to be skewered.  What message does he send to younger players when the player with the most ability EVER still doesn’t feel that’s enough?

At least he’s with the Yankees.  They know how to handle things like this.  Last year with Pettitte.  All those issues that the Boss has had over the years.  No one does big news conferences quite like the Yanks.

So tune in at 1:30.  It’ll be all over the web I’m sure.  It’s guaranteed to be great entertainment.  Just the chance to see him cry will make it all worth it.  Here’s one last question for all you Yankee fans:  Do you purchase an A-Rod jersey for your boy or girl now?  If they already have one, do you take it away?  As a parent, how can you let your offspring wear merchandise of a cheater instead of a Jeter.


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