Rising Prices

Not to give you some bad news heading into the weekend, but I’d figure I would give you all plenty of time to stock up. 

Starting March 1st, the price of beer is going up.  Here is the link to the article from nbcconnecticut

Will it hurt some of us?  Sure.  Will most of us stop buying beer cause of this?  Doubtful. 

I can see how some folks might be “hop”ping mad by the rate increase.  May even cause some to lose their head others to foam at the mouth. 

Me, I’m not to worried.  One, as soon as the new Prez signs his stimulus bill into law, a majority of us gets an extra $13 in our paychecks.  That should just about cover your sud spending.  Two, it always helps to have a brother with a keg-er-ator with a constant flow of that marvelous malty concoction.

Free Beer

Free Beer


2 Responses to “Rising Prices”

  1. there you go … telling family secrets again!

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