When does 583=600?

When this man says it does.    This is Nick Economopoulos.  He is the head girls basketball coach at East Catholic High School.  Last night his team beat Plainville and what he claims to be his 600th win. 

Well, not so fast my friend.  The CIAC, the ruling body of CT High School Sports, says his win total is now 583.  Why you ask the 17 win difference.  Well back when he was the Coach of the Lyman Hall’s girls basketball team during the 1993-94 season, all those 17 wins were forfeited.  He used an ineligibleexchange student from Ireland and he also let his middle school daughter practice with his team.  He broke the rules and he, and unfortunately, his team were punished.  His reasoning for not recognizing the sanctions?  He felt it “didn’t punish the people who made the error.”  It didn’t?  Really??  Didn’t he play the exchange student?  Didn’t he let his daughter practice?  Who else is to blame here.

I don’t know this man.  Never met him, probably never will.  I don’t understand how someone can honestly talk about right and wrong, respecting authority, accepting blame, etc.  if they can’t do it himself.  I may not be perfect, but I practice what I preach to my kids when I coach.  I’m not saying that this coach is a bad guy.  He obviously is a good coach and has a history of success.  If he wants to be a better person, he should drop this silly personal protest and accept the CIAC’s ruling.  When he gets those 17 next wins to truly get to 600, it will feel that much sweeter. 

And one more thing:  I am very disappointed in our station that we covered this game last night in sports and gave him credit for these 600 wins.  We, as a news organization, should recognize the records of the ruling organization and not the opinion of an individual.


One Response to “When does 583=600?”

  1. I agree and think you hit the nail on the head. If you’re going to stick around to get 583 wins, you’ll stick around to get 600 wins.

    Although judging from video of the guy, I’m pretty sure he could collapse of heart failure at any time. So I understand why the school might celebrate 600 today. There might not be a tomorrow.

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