Something Else, Finally

Seems like almost all my posts lately have involved football in some way.  Frankly, I was getting bored with it.  I just plowed ahead knowing there was a light at the end of the tunnel.  Now I feel I have a sense of freedom.  The possibilities are endless.  After gazing upon this vast horizon of topics, I came to the realization that I haven’t wrote about our fine  zany morning crew. 

We have a fairly new producer on our shift.  She is a sweetheart of a girl from Mississippi.(yes she wears that tiara all the time 🙂  )

  Anne Marie is a crazy nice girl, but her blondness is priceless at times.  Just last week, she had three instances that made us laugh out loud in the booth.

Monday, we were running the story of the crazy lady in Cali who had octuplets.  We(ex-PA Sarah) and I were shocked at how many kids that was.  Well, Anne Marie must have been confused about the nature of our conversation and informed us that octuplets means eight babies.  It is times like these I am glad to have someone to inform me of the glaringly obvious. 

That was only the start.  On Thursday, Bob was talking about Anemometers, or wind meters.  Well, Anne Marie asked what one was.  She said that the has heard of a barometer and a thumbometer(no that’s right) but not an anemometer.  Of course, I asked the only question I could:  “What the hell is a “thumbometer?”  Which of course got the answer I knew was coming:  “That’s what they use to measure the temp, right?”  I’m pretty sure she meant a thermometer.  I am guessing a “thumbometer” is either a way to line something up straight against a wall or a way to measure your approval of something.  Of course it also could be some sorta southern mating ritual, just not sure yet.

The third involves Pete and Anne Marie.  One morning, Pete heard her car running and informed her that the car didn’t sound right.  Pete told her maybe the cars “muffler bearings”  needed replacing.  So, three weeks later, she still felt her car was running “funny” and asked Pete if it could be the problem he mentioned.  Of course, Pete never being one to pass up a golden opp. like this, told her to go to his garage to get her “muffler bearings” checked out.  Now anyone that knows anything about cars knows that “muffler bearings” fall under the same category as “headlight fluid.”  Poor Anne Marie went to the garage, told the mechanic her issue and that Pete recommended these guys.  Well, needless to say they got a great laugh at her expense.

Now, I’m not picking on the girl.  She really is smart, it just she has these blond moments.  We are all susceptible to ’em, for some thought, they happen more frequently.  It’s great to have these moments of levity during our shift.  It is so easy to be worn down and tired, but having moments were we all can have a good laugh makes the day go by faster.  So, I thank Anne Marie for bringing cheer into our workplace.


6 Responses to “Something Else, Finally”

  1. OMG, You’re BORED with FOOTBALL? Are you feeling okay? Should I call the doctor?
    Hooray for having another topic of discussion!

  2. Jay's Mom Says:

    Dear Anne Marie,

    If you can survive the jibes of my son, you will be prepared to deal with just about anything. Remember, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

  3. Michelle (fellow southerner and friend to AnneMarie) Says:

    I’ve known AnneMarie since we were 9 years old. I think you captured her blondeness perfectly! 🙂 AnneMarie- hang in there! Being Southern and Blonde in the “north” is no easy task. It’s like a double wammy. 😉 love you girl!

  4. Oh no, being a southern blonde is a whammy everywhere, not just the north

  5. Debbie Farrell Says:

    Now, be nice. I have known Anne Marie since the day she was born! She is just looking to entertain ya’ll! “-)

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