Penguin Plunge

Wow, Saturday at Hammonasset was fantastic in every sense of the word.  What an awesome environment.  From the live music to the hundreds of “swimmers” on hand to raise money for a great cause.  I don’t know what was more impressive, the number of plungers or the hundred upon hundreds of spectators there to lend their support.

The fans await....

The fans await....

On a personal note, I want to thank my two parents, brother Cam and Nikki for their donations.  Nikki came with me for great moral support( and by that I mean she was in charge of towel and flask of Jamison) my Mom, as usual, is always there at many of the things that her four sons do and she was quick with warm clothes.  My step-dad was there with his camera clicking away and got some great shots.  All these pix are his and are on his website CLICK HERE

Also a big shout out to friends Scott M., MikeBeckyJoeyDavid, Phil, Jaime+Tracy, Sarah, and Scott B.They helped me raise $285 and our NBC30 team over $1000.  Huge props to all of them.  Intotal the Framington and Madison Plunges raised $90,000!!!!!!

damn, it's cold

damn, it's cold

As for the swim itself, holy crap, 34 degrees is really cold!!!!  It actually took my breath away.  I thought I was smart by being the first one in therefore I could get out first. 

That's me, back just left of center

That's me, back just left of center

Nope.  Once I dove under and took one more stroke, I surfaced looking for the warmth of a 28 degree beach only to find a wave of humanity rushing toward me while a wave of icy cold ocean hit me from the other side.  I was stuck and had to wait, what felt like an eternity, to get out.  It was a crazy mad rush and I ended up being more worried that no one got trampled. 

Once I got back to the beach, it really wasn’t that cold. 

Ryan and me getting interviewed

Ryan and me getting interviewed

 The wind dried my skin almost instantly and the sun beating down on us felt nice.  The only cold were the extremities, yes, all extremities.  But a nice warm towel, hat and flask helped immensely.




What an awesome time and I can’t wait to do it again next year.  A few moments of cold are the least we can do for special athletes that go through their whole life trying to overcome much larger problems.  To be involved in something so good, so innocent and so right gives you an uplifting feeling.  Sometimes you wish you could do more. Then you see these athletes and they are just so happy that someone is doing anything it makes it all worth it.  They ask for nothing and give their all.  Truly unselfish people and special athletes.  I’m just glad to do my part.


3 Responses to “Penguin Plunge”

  1. Here are some of the comments from the album i put on my face book page: (Pat Daigle) Way to go Jason!!!!! I wish I could have been there with you. I bet at this point, you can say that your nuts have never been smaller! Miss you dude…coming home in May..maybe we can hit a Red Sox game while I’m in town.

    (Leanne) He’s crazy!!!!!! OMG – he looks GREAT! Go Jay!

    (Jess) well i guess he really is crazy….i get cold just looking at

    Crazy, but that’s one of the reasons I love you! I think i will be perfectly happy next year to again be the keeper of the towels and Jameson and wait on the sidelines ! 🙂

  2. Aw Jay! I’m so proud of you! I love that you brought a flask of Jamison.

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