And the winner is……


….I’ll get to it in a sec.  First though, this has been once of the quietest Super Bowl weeks I can recall.  No controversy.  No crazy predictions.  No smack talk.  Just a whole lotta nuthin’.  The talking heads at ESPN gotta be goin’ nutty.  I think the biggest reason is the lack of personalities on the two teams.  Last year had Eli trying to equal his bro, Strahan never stopping his yapper, Plax and Pierce making bold predictions.  On the other side we had the “dreamy”(from Dan Shaugnassy) Brady and his “ankle injury,”  Moss, Belichek and the run to 19-0.  Last year was like a great sandwich w/the works on an onion roll, this year: dry, white toast.  With no fried chickens or coke.

Since when has a Super Bowl been over shadowed by the Halftime show  PRIOR to the game.  Yes nipplegate got more play than the Pats/Panthers but Bruce and E Street offer so much more potential.  Heard the NFL wanted him to lip sync.  Really, The Boss?   Lip syncing?  That’s pretty insulting.  Like these guys are a huge candidate for a major FCC slip-up.  The man’s been doing live shows since 1970, I think he knows how to handle himself in a huge stadium setting.

  BTW, can’t wait for his show April 24th.  I don’t care what anyone says, that is the babies first concert.

Onto the game itself.  I’ve been hemming and hawing this whole week on which way I am going.  I love the Cards story, but admire the Steelers history.  Kurt Warner has the karma of god and puppies.  The Steelers have the “Terrible Towel,”  the original and still the greatest fan-waving accessory.  In the end though, as with most sports, defense wins championships and the Steelers defense is the best.  Compine that with their grind-it-out running style, I think they pull it out in the end(that’s what she said!!!:) ) 

Final score:  Steelers 31 Cardinals 27.  MVP: Willie Parker.  So if you are a betting man or woman, take the Cards and the over. 

Enjoy the game, I hope to be defrosted by then.


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