Monday Ramble

Well, just five days till I take the icy plunge into the Long Island Sound.  Brad Drazen and producer Scott Beaulieu both did it up in Farmington on Sunday, and both loved it.  I’ve heard nothing but great stories from other participants as well.  There is still plenty of time to donate if you wish, here is the link: Hendu’s Page.  I will have a post about it, with photos, either Saturday or Sunday, so mark your calenders for that.

Tried to go online to but Red Sox tickets this weekend. HA, what a joke.  Almost impossible.  Looks like if you’re not a big time broker, you better be damned lucky to get in.  Guess I am destined to buy by tickets on Stub Hub.

Seems like Jason Varitek and the Sawx are going to come to an agreement.  One year and 5 mill + an option is the proposal.  Nothing compared to the 10 mill he coulda gotten through arbitration.  Looks like Boras was so focused on his “big money players”  that he kinda screwed over his lower end clients.  It will just be nice to have the Captain back behind the plate. 

Seems like the Browns future hangs in the balance with a couple of guys with CT connections.  George Kokinis, from Wethersfield has been hired as GM.  While Mangini is a Hartford boy.  The two grew up five minutes from each other.  Crazy how things play out, huh?


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