Human Interests

Normally, I take pride in writing my own posts.  Today will be an exception.  This first story was written by Bill Simmons aka “The Sports Guy” on ESPN.  He is a must read for me whenever he posts an article.  I own his first book and will buy his second, this recent work made me cry like a baby this morning.  Here is the link

If you own a pet, now or ever, and did not cry you are just cold.  I have had two dogs die in my life.  Two of the top-five worst days I’ve had.  I think what got to me was the similarity to our dog.  We bought her after we got married, in fact Macbeth, a golden retriever,  

Macbeth and her duck

Macbeth and her duck

was born only a few days before our wedding.  She is Nikki and mine’s 1st dog together, Nikki’s first ever.  Macbeth

Macbeth at Grandma's

Macbeth at Grandma's

holds a special place in our lives.  She has been our “kid” for the past five years and to read that “Dooze” died right after her sixth BDay got to me.  I know I’ll go home today and give her a big hug.  If you own a dog, do the same.  Cherish your time with them.  They are the only things in our lives that will never judge us, only love us un-conditionally.

The second article is this from Pittsburgh

In a time when more and more athletes become so far removed from reality, like the one Gerry wrote about yesterday, it is great to hear world-class athletes taking time out of their game prep to be world-class humans, and make one special kid’s life. 

I hope beyond anything that our baby will be born perfectly healthy.  If not, it is comforting to know that are organizations out there like Make-A-Wish that do all they can to make any kids dream come true.

Enjoy your Friday and weekend.


3 Responses to “Human Interests”

  1. The Simmons column really is a heart-tugger, and I’ve never even had a dog!

  2. That’s so sad-At least there’s no one in my room today to see me spend Friday crying at my desk! See how can you not be a pushover and give in when Macbeth looks at you with those big brown eyes before climbing up on the couch 🙂

  3. Jay's Mom Says:

    Saw the Simmons article last night thanks to your brother. Brought back hints of Mackenzie, who was for me the dog of all dogs. I cherish the 6 years we had her. Like you, her loss is right near the top of all my worst lifetime experiences. I miss her still, and probably will for the rest of my life.

    Regarding Make a Wish … they are angels on earth.

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