MMMM Crow, Tastes Like Chicken.

Well, one thing that the peacock doesn’t have to worry about is me leaving my job at the drop of a hat to go be a pro at a sportsbook in Vegas.  WOW, what a strange weekend of football.  Only one favorite and only one home team won.  All the others just got beat down.  Hey, I may have gone 0-4, but at least I wasn’t paid to make those picks.  There are many national, yea, I said national sportswriters who also went 0-4 this past weekend(and they get paid to be pro’s at picking these things.)  Me, I just do it for fun, which doesn’t excuse my poor performance.

So now I have to live with an Eagles fan chirping for the next week.  She was quite happy yesterday, and for the most part, was relatively under control.  I came to the realization that maybe, just maybe, this is Philadelphia’s year.  First the Phils, now maybe the Eagles, and the Flyers are playing great.  Anything is possible, Boston has had it’s run so ya never know.

Finally, sorry for the lateness of the post today.  I have started a new job at the station that is taking up a bit of time.  The powers that be have put me in charge of updating our new websites’ ( sports section.  I will be updating overnight sports stories or adding my own articles.  This is only my second day, already contributing this story and this one.  This is a great opportunity and challenge, and I hope to be able to bring the same passion for sports to this new job that I do to this little blog.


4 Responses to “MMMM Crow, Tastes Like Chicken.”

  1. This is a very, very good idea. Have fun with this.

  2. Sweet…..and I’m sure they gave you a big fat raise!!! You deserve it!!!

  3. mmmmmmmm…. chicken….You must admit that i am a way less obnoxious fan when my team wins than you are when your team wins!

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