Penn Time

This isn’t my official play-off post, lets call it a pre-cursor if you will.  As many of know(and all of you do now) the New York Football Giants play host to the Philadelphia (f) Eagles at 1pm on Sunday in the second round of the NFC play-offs.  Now, I hate the Eagles.  Despise their green and silver colors.  I think their logo is putrid and the fans annoying, and I live with one.  Nikki’s entire family are all Eagle fans.  Thankfully she was sick yesterday so I didn’t have to hear all the crazy talk about how the Eagles will beat the Giants, yada yada yada!!!  Do the Eagles worry me, sure.  Hell, they are a good team with a good quarterback and a great running back, but they do have holes.  Lets not forget, the Giants beat them earlier in the year and the Eagles had the lucky break of playing the Giants after Plaxico decided to use his leg for target practice.  Now, I think the game will be good and it will be close.  I just want the Giants to win to shut up all those Philly fans.  Not only the ones that are calling in to WFAN in New York with their crazy talk, but also the ones in my house.  I am but one man, I don’t now if I can survive another three weeks of this.

Lets move north in the Quaker State shall we.  I’ve noticed that a lot of hits on to this blog are from searches for King’s College, my alma mater, in Wilkes-Barre.  I figured I’d help out these, I’m assuming, high school students.  A Public Service if you will, cause I’m all about helping people.  First things first, here is the link to their website:  It will be ten years in May(holy crap!!!) that I graduated, but it still was some of the best years of my life.  Great friends, fun and education.  Can’t ask for much more out of a school.  Since I’ve left, the school has made huge improvements.  They bought up the dilapidated apartment building across the streets(home of some great parties) and turned it into an off campus upper class man dorm that is supposed to be state of the art.  As I had written about in an earlier post, they and the City jointly bought up the land that my old apartment was on and are turning that into some housing, restaurant and shops while moving the King’s College staple, Rodando’s down the street a 1/2 mile to Public Square.  I thought that the education I received was top of the line.  I felt fully prepared to take on the “real” world after I graduated.  Much more so than some of my other friends who went to a larger, public facility. 

Some of my friends that from King’s have great jobs on Wall St., or private investment bankers.  Work for big brokerage houses or as sports anchors.  The Physicians Assistant program is one of the best in the country and the folks I know that made it through all have great medical jobs.  If you are worried about going to a Catholic School and you aren’t Catholic, don’t.  Never once was religion forced on me, outside the two required classes, but those were fun because you actually got to have an intelligent argument about religion which I enjoyed.  Just a fantastic four years were I meet some of my best friends as well as my wonderful wife.  Please, if you are interested in the school, give it a fair shot.  If you have any other questions, feel free to leave a comment and I will reply ASAP.


6 Responses to “Penn Time”

  1. I couldn’t agree more with your take on the Eagles and their fans! I also hate that stupid song they sing after a TD… might as well be at a soccer game if you’re going to sing! They got by a Vikings team playing with a high school QB and now they have to play a Giants team that is getting no respect (see SI cover this week). The Eagles are dangerous because of an agressive D, but with two teams that are so familiar with each other, the team that is at home, healthy, and rested has a big advantage!

  2. let’s talk about stupid logos shall we…ooh an underlined word, soooooo intimidating and a lower case ny will certainly insight fear into everyone who dares cross it.

    At least the Eagle is a great predator and an icon of our country. The symbol of the great US is a bald eagle, not an underlined word. Which by the way Philadelphia was instrumental in helping to create this great democracy, but my words are lost on you. If the Eagles win, i’m sure you will pout and come up with some ridiculous excuse as to why the Giants lost like you tend to do whenever your team loses to mine. You can dish it out, but you’re not very good at taking it!

    You can cry in your cheerios when baby Hendry comes out an Eagles fan after i start sleeping in my Eagles wear every night for the next 6 months!

  3. Yep, this is what I get to live with, and we love each other. Imagine if were rivals or something. Lets not forget, the Philly’s favorite son, Ben Franklin wanted the Turkey as the country’s symbol. The Giants logo is a sign of class and power and prestige.

  4. Jay's Mom Says:

    Be careful you two … baby Hendu may decide to like the Pats!

  5. Jay's Mom Says:

    Perhaps not, but your reaction is!

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