Sporting Points

First things first, hey Red Sox fans, relax huh.  Okay, so the Yankees got C.C. and A.J. and Teixeira.  They needed those players.  The Yanks had no pitching and no first baseman.  They still don’t have a centerfielder or any outfield defense.  Up the middle, they are weak.  Lets face it, Jeter is one of the five worst defensive shortstops.  Yes the Rays signed Pat Burrell.  Big whoop.  He’s a .250 hitter with some pop that wasn’t great driving in runs in a park and a line-up that I could knock in 50, but he’s a hitter the Rays needed.  This link will show you what got me in a tizzy this morning.  Read all the comments.  About 85% are bashing the Sox and their management.  Let me remind everyone that this is a team that was one or two hits away from going back to the World Series(hello Mark Kotsay!)  They had a gift three outs at the bottom of the line-up because of injuries(Tek/Cash, Lowrie, and Kotsay.)  Their best pitcher was gassed and Beckett was fighting off an oblique strain(try vacumming with an oblique strain, let alone pitch!)  No Lowell, Papi was still injured.  Lugo was gone and yet they were only a hit or two away!!!!  Lets be rational fans(oxymoron, I know) but this team can and will win 90+ games.  We have two of the three leading MVP vote getters, a healthy DH that can get back some swagger( 35hr’s 110 RBI’s) a third baseman that when healthy last year hit the hell outta the ball.  A centerfielder who can go get it with the best of ’em and stole 50 bases even while hitting at a measly rate(.336 on base, only 41 walks) who will only get better.  A full season of Jason Bay who seems like he was made for Fenway.  Plus, there is still seven weeks till spring training starts,  maybe we should let Theo finish the off-season before we pan or cheer his moves and for the last time: 


Next, hey Big Ten(eleven) Conference, time to get with it.  The way you play football isn’t cutting it anymore.  The way you recruit isn’t cutting it any more.  As the years pass on and college football develops, this conference is becoming less and less relevant.  You were embarrassed this year during the bowls.  Out coached, out played and out classed.  I realize that Michigan had a down year and may be down again next season, but I applaud Coach Rod and the AD for being forward thinking enough that the old way of business was not cutting it and that a complete face lift of the program was the only way to survive in this new college climate.  In a few years Michigan will again be the pride of the Big Ten and annually competing with Florida, USC, Texas, and Oklahoma for national bragging rights.  Meanwhile, teams like Ohio St, Penn St, Wisconsin(who is in serious trouble with very little hope on the horizon) are going to be left in the wake of everyone else. 

Third, good for Donald Brown.  Nothing more you could accomplish at UCONN.  Your timing was perfect.  Lets hope he get drafted by a quality organization(Patriots anyone???)  Be happy that you left school in good hands.  Todman can be the real deal and with one of the young QB’s taking over for Jared Lorenzen(quite possibly one of the worst starting QB’s for a BCS school)  UCONN will be relevent for years to come.

Lastly, I’m all for Marbury coming to the Celts.  I think being on a veteran team that already has a ring and fighting for another, will keep him in line.  I mean he has a lot of skills.  He can shoot, pass, and when he wants to, can defend.  If he can out the ego aside for another 50-60 games, I think the Celts can win #18.


One Response to “Sporting Points”

  1. Jay's Mom Says:

    I read many of the Sox’s fans comments, and I’ve had it suggested to me, by a Yank’s fan, that Teixeira’s signing was the Yank’s big gotcha against the Sox. I refuse to get sucked into such nonsensical talk.

    One question for all the naysayers: If you are all so much better at managing the Sox, why are you relegated to voicing your opinions on a sports blog?

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