Play-Off Time

All right football fans, it is tourney time!!!!  Who’s going to survive the trip to Tampa?  It all kicks off Saturday afternoon on the mothership at 4pm.  The Falcons travel out west to face the Cardinals in the 4/5 NFC game.  I love what the Falcons have done this year.  Putting 11 wins on the board after a miserable 2007 is a feat in itself.  I think the run ends though.  The Cards are tough at home, really tough.  This team has three outstanding WR’s and I think that will be too much for the Falcons.  Don’t expect to see a lot of defense in this game.  38-31 Cards. 

Game two Saturday has the Colts and soon-to-be MVP Peyton Manning heading out to beautiful San Diego(maybe Peyton will take a hike, it is beautiful weather there 🙂 )   I just love the way the Colts are playing right now.  I think the Bolts worked so hard to get in that the team my be a little gassed.  I say 27-17 Colts.

The first game on Sunday I fully expect to be a defense battle.  The Dolphins off of a great regular season are riding high.  The Ravens are again led by a defense that is one of the NFL’s best but rookie quarterback Joe Flacco may be hitting a wall.  Expect a late Fins’ field goal to pull this one out 13-10.

The 4th game on Sunday afternoon between the Vikes and Eagles offers great intrigue for Giant fans.  If the Eagles win, they are in the Meadowlands next Sunday afternoon(and I do not want that) so just for that fact alone, I am going to pick the Vikes.  Also, my friend Mike really needs some good news, so that is  another reason I am going with the Purple People Eaters.  Plus, Peterson can run on this team(just, for god’s sake, stop fumbling!!!!!!)  20-14 Vikings.  That would set up a Giants/Cards and a Panthers/Vikings in the NFC.  Titans/Colts and Steelers/Dolphins in the AFC.

Enjoy your weekend!!!


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