In the mood

No, not like that sicko’s, I mean the holiday mood.  I guess yesterday into this morning really kick started it.  Went to Westfarms yesterday for a little shopping.  I cursed out my first parking lot driver, which is like a tradition now( what is it with the combo of Xmas shopping and driving that makes people forget the rules of who has the right-of-way?)  Walked around the mall and realized how high-end it has become and I left somewhat disappointed in my haul.  Last night the mood really came over me when Nikki and I sat down to watch Merry Christmas Charlie Brown.  Easily my favorite of all the classics.   There is something so simple yet so deep about the messages that Charles Shultz delivered through his “children.”  Even as Linus delivers his meaning of Christmas speech:

Now, I am not a religious man at all.  But the pure innocence and delivery of that speech always gets me.  Along with the music, it all adds up to the ultimate holiday must-see.  Then it snowed and we have a nice coating of snow on the ground, with more to come, I say bring on the holidays.  No matter how crazy the In-Laws will be, right hon???


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  1. At there is alcohol…;)

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