A few us us AMer’s went to lunch yesterday to the newest restaurant at Westfarms Mall, PF Chang’s.  All but one of us had never eaten here, but I think we all will make it part of our restaurant rotation. 

It was busy at 12:30 luckily though we had made reservations the day before and were seated fairly quickly.  The first things you notice is the ambiance with its dark reds and blacks which are very inviting and the aroma’s emanating from the kitchen.  I got very hungry as soon as the smells passed under my nose.  Right away the service was fantastic.  Our server was very engaging and personable and answered all of our questions.  You could tell how much she enjoyed the food herself, which only helped in her recommendations. 

The menu is quite diverse, and it takes a few minutes to go through all the selections.  Each one looked delicious.  We got the calamari dish as an appetizer.  The squid was cooked perfectly and was not overwhelmed by the batter.  We passes it around and there was more then enough for all six of us.  For lunch,  five of us went with the lunch bowls.  Those consist of a cup of either Egg Drop Soup or Hot and Sour soup.  The actual bowl is a good serving of either white or brown rice and the main dish.  I had the Shrimp in lobster sauce with brown rice and egg drop soup.  The soup was very tasty and not to salty.  The main dish was outstanding.  The shrimp was cooked perfectly and the rice was just the perfect balance of sticky and fluffy(if that makes sense.)  All the flavors melded so well together, it was as our server said “a party in your mouth!!” 

The menu is quite diverse. Dishes ranging from traditional dishes to fusion.  There are options for the vegetarian or vegan.  They even have a gluten-free menu(very forward thinking.)  All the portions are quite substantial.  After lunch, I didn’t eat anything till the next morning.  You really get your bang for your buck.  The prices aren’t crazy.  My lunch and three beers cost me $31, and that includes the tip. 

All the deserts looked great, they have $2 samplers that are served in uber-shot glasses that looked appealing.  The drink menu was quite extensive and varying. 

Overall, a great restaurant, in a great location, with great service and an awesome menu.  I will be going back there soon with Nikki and will keep going to explore the menu more.  I can’t recommend a restaurant chain any more then this, I promise you’ll enjoy your time there.


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