Easy Breezy

So far this year my holiday shopping has been painless and stress-free.  No mall or store visit yet and I am about 90% done and it is all thanks to Amazon.  I’ve shopped on the site before and have had numerous successes.  This year I needed to get some uh, traditional Amazon gifts and decided to search for others.  Well, 15 minutes later I had a full cart and an empty wallet.  I was quite pleased with the experience and I recommend it to anyone who hates crowds and people around this time.  The less time I have to spend around the Westfarms Mall, the better.  

BTW, I’m checkin out PF Changs today for the first time w/some co-workers.  Will get back here tomorrow with my critique.


3 Responses to “Easy Breezy”

  1. what would you consider a “traditional amazon gift”

  2. hahahahahahahahahaha. you are soooooo funny. i didn’t realize you were buying any of those things, or that amazon even sells them. who’s the lucky recipient of those unique gifts, because they were certainly not on my christmas list…

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