Just hear me out….

With the Baseball winter meetings in full swing for another couple of days and the rumor mill constantly spitting out different scenarios, the Hot Stove season is finally warming up.  Most of you know the big names out there.  CC Sabathia goin to the Yanks or a Cali team, Frankie Rodriguez aka K-Rod heading to the Mets and Mark Texeira heading to about five different teams.  The front-runner seems to be the Red Sox.  I would love this player on the Old Town Team.  A switch-hitting, gold-glove 1st baseman with great power and one of the best eyes at the plate in the game.  He is the IDEAL Epsteinesque player.  The major rub though is that they will have a glut of 1st base/dh/3rd base players.  Youk isn’t going anywhere.  I think Lowell will be tough to trade.  That leaves one player:  David “Big Papi” Ortiz.

First off, I love what Papi has done for this organization and the fan base.  He and Manny made one of the greatest duos in MLB history.  If we have learned anything from Theo is that he will make a trade, regardless of player popularity as long as it makes the team better.  He has traded Nomar and Manny.  He has let Damon, Pedro, and Lowe go after they led the team to victory in ’04.  He is a shrewd GM and that’s what makes him great. 

There could be a fairly large market for Ortiz.  I would have to think that a NL team may not be interested, but you never know.  I think the Angels, after losing Texeria, will be interested.  The Twins could also be a player.  Maybe Kansas City as well, but that is a stretch.  The ideal fit would be Tampa Bay, but the Sox can’t trade him in the division.  In return the Sox have to get a minimum of a young starter like Ervin Santana from the Angels or Kevin Slowey or Glen Perkins from the Twins.  Zach Greinke would have to be the chip from the Royals.  Also, the Sox would need either a young catcher like Napoli from the Angels or a young outfielder like Delmin Young from the Twins.  All these deals may also need a low-level prospect to complete them.

A deal like this would then free up a Buchholz for a catcher like Saltalamacchia or Teagarden from the Rangers.  Don’t look at the past fans and let your feelings get in the way.  Think about what is best for the team in the long run.  Ortiz will always have a place along side Williams and Yaz in Red Sox lore, but now may be the time to say goodbye.  Just a thought.


7 Responses to “Just hear me out….”

  1. I’ll keep an open mind, but I sure would miss Big Papi if he went elsewhere.

    • now it may not be possible, because in a few hours, he will be a 10-5 guy, meaning he is has ten years of MLB service and five with one team, meaning he can veto any trade offer himself

  2. I continue to be amazed at how you keep up wiht all nuances of baseball. How many days now till spring training?

  3. Dude….are you nuts???? I’d rather give away Lowell then trade Papi! Nikk…will you please shake your husband for me…..

    • Am I a little nuts, sure. But the team can’t stay put. There best chip is Papi. DOn’t worry though, he won’t be now, it is too late.

  4. […] P.S. BTW, I made this call in 2008. […]

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