Rigging up the lights!

Yep, spent a few hours on Saturday putting up our Xmas lights, and no that is not my house.  We, well, I have what I believe to be subtle taste when it comes to outdoor illumination.  Nothing compared to Clark W. Griswold(drum roll please!!!!)  In fact every holiday season Nikki always threatens to put some gaudy, inflatable Snowman, or Santa, or whatever in our yard.  Much like this:

I can’t stand these “decorations.”  How anyone could find pleasure in that is beyond me.  For us, very simple: a lighted wreath, white lights, and little walkway bushes w/white lights.  Simple, yet perfectly suited for the holidays.  Of course one of our new holiday traditions is when we head down to Nikki’s parents house out side Philly for Xmas, we get to see all the gawd-awful houses with their hideous blow-up snow globes and such.  Thankfully my in-laws have nice taste and they are the only ones without blow-up angels and camels.  The funny thing though, every night around 5pm, all the timers kick on and you hear the whirr of the fans and then these monstrosities forming from various lawns.  It is quite a sight.

Adding to the list, are the people who insist on throwing up lights that blink or chase.  Have they seen their houses?  Do they think this actually looks good?  Who are these folks and why to they pollute our eyes?  As you can see I take my holiday lighting very seriously.  I think you can tell the type of person you are by the decorations of your house and lawn.  Not necessarily good or bad people, just people who get it and people who need a lighting intervention.  Of course if I can get my house to look like this, how can one argue with the Griswolds.


2 Responses to “Rigging up the lights!”

  1. I don’t understand how inflatable christmas decorations are any worse than inflatable body parts as halloween costumes…..

  2. Because one is hilarious and the other is inflatable decorations

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