Leftovers Anyone?

Hope you all had a great Turkey Day.  Mine was fantastic.  Great wine, well a lot of great wine, incredible dinner and wonderful desserts. The comapny wasn’t half bad either.  The football though, that leaves something to desire.

There has been a bit of rumblings lately to mix-up the Thanksgiving Day football line-up.  I think people are sick of seeing the Lions and Cowboys every year.  I don’t mind the two, it is tradition you know, but I do want to see better match-ups.  Schedule divisoin games for that day.  Give me Boys vs. Gaints/Skins/Eagles and the Lions vs. Bears/Vikes/Pack and you got some cache there.  Even if the teams are bad, at least you get some good rivalry games.  Heck, High School and college schedule rivalry games around this holiday, why not the NFL.

I’m sorry if this hits home with anyone, but what in gods name are these fools thinking lining up outside a store for hours before it opens.  It’s cold out.  One moron was in line at the Best Buy in West Hartford at 10:45……AM……ON THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   You’re telling me he chose to wait in a line by himsel then be with family and food?  Of course he’s not alone.  When I drove by this morn @3:30 there were 300 people in front of Best Buy, people lined up at Old Navy, Toys ‘R’ Us and JC Pennys.  The folks outside of Penny’s literally had their noses pressed against the glass, almost like they were trying to will the doors open.

Crap just realized I forgot to listen to Alice’s Restaurant yesterday. SO here you go:


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