Thanksgiving may be my favorite holiday of the year.  The combination of food, football and family can’t be beat.  Plus, working the early shift has it’s benefits.  We are out by nine and are always home for dinner.  It is also a great day to reflect on what you have and how lucky we are.  This is my list:

My wife: always there with a smile and a hug

My family: the best I could ask for

My pets: always making us laugh

My job:  any job you still love going to, even after 9 1/2 years, is a great thing.

My friends: even If I don’t talk to them for a while, we can always pick up where we left off.

The Red Sox:  hey, it’s better then bein a Yanks fan

The Celtics:  Just enjoyin riding the wave

The Giants:  see above

Michigan:  yep, even after this season, a fan till the end.

My co-workers:  Make every day at work fun and enjoyable.  Even the bad days.

Beer: duh.

Baseball:  Being able to coach it to young men is so fulfilling.  I get to share my passion with others.

My health:  I’ve had a great run and I love working hard to keep it going(almost four years w/o a sick day)

This blog:  Cheaper then a therapist and a lot more fun

My readers other then immediate family:  You can’t understand how gret it makes you feel when other people are so interested in what I have to say.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!!!  Gorge yourself tomorrow and don’t think twice about it.


5 Responses to “Thankful”

  1. sandysays1 Says:

    Great post! Love your attitude & SOH. Visit me at.

  2. Awww, how nice. right back at ya! See you are a nice guy…

  3. shhhh, you’ll ruin my rep

  4. you’re not fooling anyone!

  5. Thanks for reading Sandy. That’s a great blog you got. I have a five year old golden named MacBeth that you would love. You two seem to have the same personality. And yes, she rules the house as well!!!

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