A near miss

Friday afternoon, you almost lost your friendly neighborhood morning blogger.  I was driving in my truck going to the East Haddam dump.  Macbeth(my dog) was in the front seat with me because she loves goin for car rides.  Well, I was coming up to a curve on one of the busier roads in town and as I started to turn, I noticed a white jeep come barreling down the hill, ON MY SIDE OF THE ROAD!!!!!  SO I slowed down(btw, I was doing the speed limit of 30, he was doing like 50) but he wasn’t gaining control of his car.  I slammed on my brakes, Macbeth went flying into the dash and luckily the cars behind me hit their brakes as well.  Well the guy finally got his car under control and swerved just in time to miss my car my inches(no exaggeration.)  What I did next probably wasn’t the smartest move, but I was so infuriated, I couldn’t let him get away with it.  SO I pulled a Uie and waved him down in a parking lot.  I then laid into him for 30 or so seconds.  His excuse was that the sun was in his eyes and he couldn’t see, so I guess going faster was going to help him, IDIOT!!!!  The worst thing was that he had his teenage son in the car, what kind of driving habits are you teaching him?  Hopefully, this incident and my reaction to it will make the man think next time he drives like an A@#$%LE!!!! 

I guess the thing that got me so rilled up, you know besides a white Jeep Cherokee in my lap, was the fact that I’ve been labeled a bad driver by the state of CT and drivers like that continue to be on the roads.  Last month I had to take a driver retraining class because I got three speeding tickets in a three year span.  Now each incident I was going not more then 10 mph over the limit, so yes I was speeding.  The class though was enough for me to change my ways.  I am very conscience now to stay with in the rules of the road.  If I get anymore tickets now during the next three years, I have to go back to that brutal 4 hour class.  I have realized the follies of my ways and have changed my driving habits.  Really I’ve just stopped speeding, otherwise I was/am a very good and alert driver(which is what saved me on Friday.)

So now that the holiday season is upon us, here is my plea.  Please, please, please slow down.  We will all get to our destinations and lets get there alive.  The holidays are stressful enough, lets make the driving our escape.  Relax and enjoy the alone time.  You never know when fate will strike you, luckily, for me, I wasn’t a second or two earlier because otherwise I’d be laid up in a hospital at best.  Trust me their is nothing worse then losing a loved one to a sudden accident.  Lets make this holiday season great for everyone. 

OK, I’ll jump down from my box now 🙂


2 Responses to “A near miss”

  1. You make good points while standing on your box and I, for one, am happy you are still able to stand on one.

  2. me too!

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