It's time to quit!

Today is The Great American Smokeout and I sincerely beg all smokers to at least try quitting.  I don’t have a lot of friends anymore that do smoke, and the few I do have are almost ashamed of their habit.  I am so proud of my friends and co-workers that have taken that step and have quit or are in the process of.  The immediate health benefits are almost to numerous to mention them all.  I don’t understand the people I know that have had a kid and yet continue to smoke.  Don’t they realize the danger they their kids are in?  Plus there is nothing worse then the stench of stale cigarette smoke on someones clothes or in their workplace.  I’ve had a cigarette once, and I hated it.  The taste, the smell, everything.  I don’t understand the appeal but I do understand the addiction, to a point.  I know a few that quit cold turkey.  My brother did this year once he got his new car(he hated the smell it left in his old one.)  He had smoked for years and he did it fine and the whole family was so proud of him.  Gerry quit about a year ago, he’s wrote about it before, and he has said how happy he is that the habit is done.  My boss quit the day his first daughter was born.  I mean it is possible if you have the will power to do it. 

Finally, what better reason to quit then your health.  One of my closest friends, who himself is a doctor, just found out his dad has lung cancer and his doctors feel it is too far advanced to help him.  Mr. K had smoked for decades and now he is staring death in the face.  He has three grand-kids with a fourth on the way and now he is in the fight of his life to try and miraculously beat this beast.  So if not for you, please, quit for your family and friends.  Just think of it as the greatest gift you can give this holiday season, the gift of life.


One Response to “It's time to quit!”

  1. If I can quit, anyone can. Really. Ya gotta wanna.

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