Friday at the Fleet

Spent Friday night with my brother Cam at the Celts/Nuggets game.  It was my first game there this season it was as fun as ever.  Our seats were great.  About 15 rows off the court, right even with one of the foul lines, really almost perfect seats.  Yea the C’s lost, but still how can you complain against a night out in Boston(especially when your brother buys all beer and food!!!!)  The highlight of the night was talking with the two Nuggets Exec’s sitting behind us.  Anytime you can make fun of one of their own players (Ronaldo Balkman) and they both agree with you, always makes for a laugh.  Got out of them that they are thrilled with the Iverson/Billups trade.  Both aid that the Nuggets are a much better team.  It was my first time talking with guys in such a high position, and the fact they were accessible was pretty sweet.  One of the guys was Rex Chapman.  I didn’t realize until late in the game, and by that time he had left.  I thought he looked familiar, oh well.  He was a great college player and a good NBA cager who could shoot the lights out and jump through the roof.  He is probably best known for this shot:

I remember watching that live and to that point, the most miraculous shot I had seen.  Still is too.


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