Like, this blog is totally awesome!!!

The word-hounds across the pond from Oxford University have been spending their time wisely lately.  In fact, to show that they haven’t just been playing squash in the Quad, they have put out a list of the Ten most irritating phrases in overuse.  I agree, they all are over done.  I hate “at the end of the day” and “with all due respect”  and these two were jammed down our ear canals (lovely image, I know) the past year from our Prez candidates.  If you read down in the article, you will find a list of other overused terms.  Personally, I use a number of them.  I like the word Awesome.  I tend to use it more sarcastically then others, but it works for me.  For the life of me, I don’t know how anyone can think the word “douche” or its cousin “douchebag” are overused or pass their prime.  Those have to be two of the greatest insults known to man.

I do have a few to add.  Some that just grate on me whenever I hear them uttered.  First, “It’s a learning experience.”  OK, I get it when someone is new at something, but after a month or so, it just makes the person sound inept.  Second, “a moral victory.”  Listen the only victory I like is when I outscore my opponent.  Otherwise, a loss is a loss.  You can sugar coat it all you want, but to use a great quote, “you play to win the game!!!”  Finally, “My Bad.”  Yea, no kidding!  I didn’t screw up, of course it was you!!  Who the hell elses fault was it?  I hear it all the time from my players and it drives me nuts.  The best way to make up for a mistake, is go out and do the next thing right.  saying “my bad” does nothing to a) rectify the situation at hand, or b) help anyone focus on the next thing. 

Enjoy your weekend everyone and I shouldn’t of, but, at this moment in time I personally am in a fairly unique situation to, with all due respect to other bloggers out there who are at it 24/7, I can  absolutely declare that writing this blog is not rocket science or a nightmare, and at the end of the day, I hope it gives you a little laugh.  Count em up folks, yep, I used all ten!!!!


2 Responses to “Like, this blog is totally awesome!!!”

  1. Some we throw around all the time at work that are so annoying is let’s look at everything with a “laser-like focus”, “If you will” and “let me piggy-back on that”

    we need new jargon!

  2. With all due respect to Oxford, they neglected to mention ‘Joe the Plumber.”

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