Tequila: The jewel of the alcohol world.

Quite literally.  Here is the article that i stumbled across today.  So not only is it good for what ails ya, but it seems that the true nectar of the gods can form diamond crystals.  Now don’t you all feel bad for wasting tequila down the toilet in college.  I always knew there was something extra special about the elixir.

This seems a bit skeptical to me, but he has hundreds of people believing and if its true, I guess millions of followers.  This boy is claimed to be Buddha reincarnated.  People believe this because he hasn’t had anything to eat or drink since 2005.  Really?  Have you seen the statues of Buddha?  There is no way he could go three hours let alone three years without food.  And since when did a hunger strike make you some sort of deity?  I’m sorry I can’t trust anyone or anything that deprives itself of food.

Speaking of depriving yourself of enjoyment, check out his article on the differences in sex advice.  Wow,  hard to believe that the human race survived.  The scary thing is, there are groups of people who still practice those rules, and to those folks I say, Wake up and sense the foreplay!!!!!!  PSSST, Sex is ok.

This article form the Courant today peaked my interest:  apparently you can get Absinthe now in CT.  Hey that’s great.  All of a sudden you can buy a liquor in this state that has been banned from America for decades.  Wow, wonderful.  Then how the hell can I not but Yuengling in this state?????  Jesus, it’s only made a few hundred miles away.  You can buy it in New York but CT blue laws rear their ugly head again.  That kind of reasoning and stupid rules just gets to me!!!


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