It's a Good Plan

Well, if the economy is in trouble and less folks are going out, it sure didn’t show Saturday night.  We were meeting up with some friends in Glastonbury at Plan B.  We got their the wait was an hour!!  The placed was packed and more and more were coming in, it was only six pm and they were booked till almost nine.  The bar was packed as well.  I have a hunch that people are still budgeting for a good night out, and I’ll tell you what, this restaurant isa pretty good place to go.  I’ve eaten at the Plan B in West Hartford and I like it, but it is a bit small.  This place had more room in the bar and restaurant area.  The thing that had me so amped about this place, the burger I had.  It was a lobster cheese burger, called an “East Coast.”  Lobster, New England Cheddar, roasted tomatoes and fried onions.  Holy Crap, it was good.  It coulda used a little more crustacean but nonetheless: Yummy. 

I sure hope that this mini-chain of restaurants expands down to the shoreline.  What a great place to spend a summer night.  A place like that would kill down there.  Also the 75+ beers available is a nice draw and anyplace with PBR is a place I wanna be seen at!!

On another note, how ’bout dem G-Men?  They are hands down, the best team in the NFL.  They haven’t even played a complete game yet.  They are winning while making silly mistakes.  They are in the process of taking the title of “Model Franchise” from the Patsies.


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