Michigan Wins!!!

It has been a long five games since that great Wisconsin comeback.  Now, the program is back on track, for a week at least and this is coming back home with them: the second oldest trophy in college sports, The Little Brown Jug.  Not only that, but the Wolverines have a great chance to play spoiler against Northwestern and the Ohio State.  It is not an accustomed to role by the greatest football program in America, but any chance to ruin a Buckeyes season is always a huge carrot.  They have a chance to get to 4-4 in the Big Eleven Ten and for all they went through, that would be huge.  Listen, they are far from a finished product, I would put it at about 50% complete, but every week the coaches and players see improvements.  Now it is up to the fans to show great patience with the new regime and I promise it will be rewarded.  

I was thrilled to see them punch it in from 4 yards out today with 30 seconds left on the clock even with the game well in hand.  They could have taken a knee and walked off the field showing great respect to their opponent, but they did just the opposite.  No other team as shown Michigan any respect this year(for good reason) and this was a statement. ” Yea we are down, but we are on our way back.  You got your hits in on us this year, but just wait.  Just wait till we get back to full strength then watch out.  We have a long memory and we will punish anyone who gets in our way!!”  as a loyal fan I love that attitude.  Now lets go out whoop up on Northwestern and then bring on Teryell Prior and the Buckeyes!!!!!  



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