I'm Back, Maybe.

Well I still haven’t heard whether or not the higher-ups here at the Peacock will have me continue on writing on the website.  The pluses are they want the employees to be involved in the sight, and I have been writing on our old site for more then a year.  I was drawing 1300 plus readers to the site every month, not bad considering 1) it never was visible and people had to hunt for it and 2) I am just a director at the station and don’t have the big name(or great writing style) that Gerry does.  So if they decide to stop the blog, I will continue to write.  I found it as a great release and if I am not connected to NBCConnecticut.com, I can be a little more free in my words.  I hope they do decide to pick it up though, I thought I added a different voice and view that I think could work well with our new site.  I just want to thank all my readers, not only my family and friends, but the other folks around CT that actually dove deep into the old site to find this little blog to read what some random dude had to say.

Onto other topics.  Great to be back.  Aruba was awesome(will post pix later).  I am very glad this election will be over tonight(hopefully we don’t have a 2000 debacle!!!)  On vacation Nikki and I actually overheard a couple of rednecks from PA discussing how they would take a shot at Obama if they had a chance.  Absolutely disgusting.  We were in shock.  I know people tend to have awful thoughts like that, but to verbalize them?  Do they not realize it is a felony?  I’m wondering If I had the authority could I have had Aruban police arrest them.  It is scary that people were having a serious discussion about this a week before the election.  Just sad.

Onto better news, I can’t wait to vote.  Always exciting, of course the results won’t be the same without Russert and his whiteboard.  Wondering if NBC will just have the whiteboard, sitting on set, as one last tribute?  Lets hope that a new dawn breaks tomorrow and the country can start building itself back up again. 


3 Responses to “I'm Back, Maybe.”

  1. I’ve added Morning Buzz to my blogroll. If it makes it easier for anybody, just scroll to the bottom of my page, and there it is. Keep on writing, Jay.

  2. Hooray for the morning buzz! I hope it gets picked up again, I really enjoy reading it, and I look forward to it every day 🙂

  3. Jay's Mom Says:

    Ditto. Thanks, Gerry, for helping to keep “the buzz” alive

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